2015 Weddings & Personal review

What a great year 2015 was. I photographed more weddings than ever before, and feel so lucky to have been invited to share so many peoples special day. Thank you to everyone for your friendship and kindness, for hiring me to do a very special job for you, and for making me feel like such a welcome part of your day. I travelled from Cork to Kerry, Dublin to Galway, Cavan to Waterford. So many beautiful places to see in Ireland! I’m looking forward to many more weddings and fun times this year! I have also included some personal photos. Family and friends, and some landscapes that I liked.

I’ve also included a few #notapowerstnpic photos. These are from a project I did from the middle of 2014 until the middle of 2015. They started as a snap shot I took as I walked my boys to school – just a view along the way. After a while I started taking them at the exact same spot and trying to frame them the same way. I took them almost daily, sometime in the morning. You can see more on instagram by searching the #notapowerstnpic hash tag, or by clicking here

– Rory