Hello, I’m Rory

My love affair with photography began when I was in college in Maynooth and learned to develop and print B+W photos in the darkroom. Printing in the dark allowed me to manipulate the photographs in ways that I couldn’t hope for if I was sending film off to the local pharmacy and getting a pack of prints back. The darkroom allowed magic to happen, where you could print at different sizes, crop the image, darken some areas, lighten others. You went in with a roll of film and came out with something to hang on the wall. Well, sometimes!

In 2006 I began a three year stint of photography night classes at the wonderful Crawford College of Art & Design, in Cork. As well as improving my printing, I learned so much about the art of photography, and ways of seeing.

These days I am shooting mostly digital, but the years of experience and practice with film informs my post processing now. The raw files that come out of the camera is like the old film, and from them I deliver to my clients my own personal style and creativity in prints and digital files.

As well as shooting weddings and portraits, I wrote the Cork Analogue Photographers and Eyesoup blogs, and have exhibited personal work in various shows –

  • July 2014 – Cork Photo Fringe group show
  • Nov-Dec 2012 – Rua Red Winter Open Show
  • July 2011 – Photo Ireland Festival (Cork Analogue Photographers in Collaboration with Guerilla Exhibition, later featured in a book, InsideOut)
  • Nov-Dec 2009 – Brew Cafe, Paul St., Cork
  • June 2009 – Lismore Gallery & Studio, Lismore, Waterford
  • July 2009 – Gallerie Nautique, Cork
  • Sept 2008 – Brew Cafe, Paul St., Cork


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If you are planning your wedding in Ireland, I'd love to hear from you. If you are abroad, or travelling to get married, I have a passport!

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- Rory