All the guys

Evelyn & Cathal's wedding, Ballintotis & Ballinacura House, Nov 2nd, 2013. Photographs by Rory O'Toole

Photographing a group where the subjects are all spread out in a long line can be tough. To get them all in, they can be tiny in the frame, a little strip of bodies along the bottom. So for this group with all the lads at Evelyn and Cathal’s wedding at Ballinacurra House, I took three photos relatively close up, and put them together, as a triptych.

The groom is in all three shots, and a few of the guys in the center appear more than once, but it works well as a narrative, telling the story of a bunch of friends gathered for a wedding. I like this one!

(Click the photo for larger)

– Rory

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