Anatomy of a wedding photo shoot – Dublin

Dublin Wedding Shelbourne

People often ask me about the photos after the ceremony – the wedding photo shoot. You know, when the photographer takes them off with the bridal party, for a few beautiful photos an hour or two after they are married. They’re the special photos that you will want in an album and on the wall, but what’s involved? How long does it take? There’s champagne and nibbles and a party to get back to!

I like to make this a special time. In some ways it’s the only time of the day, apart from dinner, that you will actually spend some time together. I remember at my own wedding, we got up from the table after dinner, and barely saw each other till the first dance! You’re the star attractions of the day, and everyone wants to say hello and chat. Generally people divide and conquer, and you’re both at opposite ends of the room chatting with friends and family.

So the photoshoot, or couples photos or wedding portraits (I’m not sure what it’s called) is a nice opportunity to take a walk away from the mayhem and have a laugh, and spend a little bit of time together. I like to shoot things as they happen. I give a little bit of direction – “would you mind standing there ..” or “can you hold hands..” or “just walk and chat, and I’ll snap away..”. Very relaxed and natural. I don’t pose people much, and I’m never entirely sure what’s going to happen. I usually have a bit of a plan on where to go, where the great views are, or the cool walls, and so on. But I like to just watch, see what happens, and have fun.

Here’s a quick video of Sophie and Aries photoshoot. They had a civil ceremony in the Shelbourne Hotel, so we popped into Stephens Green, and walked around by Dawson St and back up. Took about 45 minutes, even with a stop for a quick rain shower! The Shelbourne were great by the way – came out with extra umbrellas when the rain came down (kept in touch with me by phone), and were ready with a standing ovation from staff and guests when we returned!

–  Rory