Bridal Preparations!

Sometimes couples wonder if they need the morning preparation shots. You know, the hair, the makeup, all of that stuff.

I have to say, I love the morning shots! I love them for a few reasons. It’s the one part of the day when time can feel like it’s going slowly. Hair and makeup takes at least a few hours, and this gives everyone time to ease into the day. A glass of champagne to ease the nerves, time for a bit of craic with family and friends before setting off, and time to get used to the stranger in the house with the camera! 

I like to spend around two hours with the bride and her friends in the morning.  This gives me time to get to know everyone, to sit down and have a cuppa and a chat, and to become a part of the day, not just be the guy with the camera who arrives all guns blazing. When I’m a part of the day, and everyone is doing their own thing, I can capture the moments without having to set them up, and if I do ask someone to stop for a sec, then their photograph is much more relaxed and natural. And this helps to tell the story of your day, right from the beginning. 


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