City Weddings – a few ideas

Eight awesome top tips for photographing your wedding in the city!


1. Rooftops for a view.

Most city hotels will have some outdoor access at the top of the building. It may be a balcony off the penthouse suite, or just some rooftop service access. If you have booked the penthouse as your bridal suite, then bring your photographer up there and make use of it! If you don’t have the penthouse, or there is no balcony, ask in the hotel – they may be able to provide some roof access.

Roisin & Johnny's Dublin city wedding. Photographs by Rory O'Toole

2. Use the streets.

Wedding photography and street photography can mix. If you have planned a city wedding, then you probably love the hum of life on city streets. Make this a part of your wedding photos. Add people! Add life!

Elaine & Jared's wedding, Dec 20th 2013. Photographs by Rory O'Toole

3. See the light.

We’re heading into winter now, and there’s less evening light for photography. But in the city this can be used to your advantage. If it’s Christmas, use the Christmas lights hung across the road. But even if it’s not, check for some cool well lit buildings which will make a great back drop, and light you up!

Roisin & Johnny's Dublin city wedding. Photographs by Rory O'Toole

4. Street Art

Ok, not all graffiti is equal. You may know of a nearby Banksy, but if you don’t, take a scout around the streets near your venue. Painted walls that you walked by without looking at on your way to work may just become a great back drop for one of your wedding photos!

Emma & John's Wedstock wedding. Photographs by Rory O'Toole

5. Use the park.

So your hotel is a chic boutique affair, right in the coolest part of town. But you would really like one photo with a little grass, some flowers, and maybe some water. The hotel has none of the above, but a short walk away is a small little city park. It’s not that big, but it’s teeming with life, and a lovely place to spend a little time on your wedding day. Take a break from the party, close your eyes and enjoy the fragrance and peace of the city park

Deirdre & John's wedding, Dec 22nd 2013.  Photographs by Rory O'Toole

6. Hit the beach!

Beaches aren’t always in beautiful rural locations, miles from civilisation. We have them in cities too! And the city backdrop can add another dimension to your beach photos, like Dublin’s iconic ‘Pigeon House’ chimneys seen in the photo above.

Eva & Dave's Wedding, Dec 31st 2013. Photographs by Rory O'Toole

7. Head down the Docks

The docks are great! Interesting buildings, water, boats, marinas. Lot of variety and interesting backdrops. Just watch out for those open piers, and don’t fall in!


8. Watch out for puddles!

Obviously you will be watching the ground to make sure your Jimmy Choos don’t get ruined, but puddles can turn an otherwise drab patch of concrete into a great photograph. Keep an eye on reflections, sometimes they can be magical!

– Rory