Majestic Kerry – Cycling in Killarney

cycling killarney

Just back from Killarney! I took the weekend off and headed to the Kingdom with two of my oldest friends. We stayed at the very friendly and welcoming Randles Hotel in Killarney, and woke to cold and snow on distant hills on Saturday morning.
We headed out in sunshine for Fossa and swung left out to the Gap of Dunloe. The weather closed in, and we had wind, rain and sleet as we climbed, the rocks on either side of the valley dark and foreboding. Half expected a band of Lord of the Ring’s trolls to come pouring out of the mountain side and attack us!
We descended gingerly down into the Black Valley, wary of the slick roads, frozen fingers struggling with the brakes. The weather rolled back and the sky opened as we rode through the Black Valley and up to Molls Gap. The scenery was beyond beautiful, with car free roads rolling by waterfalls and trees and snow capped hills.
Kerry really is majestic, looking forward to coming back down again for weddings this year! The photos were taken on our phones, so quality isn’t great, but they show some of the beauty of the landscape and the joy of being outdoors.


– Rory

cycling killarney cycling killarney cycling killarney