Gary FitzPatrick

Portrait session with Gary FitzPatrick

I have been working on a portrait project with some artists and musicians that I am friendly with. I shot this last week in Gary Fitzpatrick’s place last week.

I’ve known Gary for years, but hadn’t seen him for a while, so we caught up, chatted, he played a bit, I photographed. It was easy and relaxed, a lovely portrait session.

I like this shot. There’s a lost in the moment intensity to it. It looks a lot more serious than it really was – we laughed a lot. There was a bit more madness going on than you can see here, but then that’s part of the power of photography.

The light was beautiful, coming in from a large east facing window, late in the afternoon. It was the magic light just before the sun came down. Nice way to spend an evening!

– Rory

Portrait session with Gary FitzPatrick Portrait session with Gary FitzPatrickGary Fitzpatrick

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